Top X Fighter, is a Mission enemy NPCs featured in Dragon Blox Ultimate.

When you speak with the quest giver, you'll be teleported in to a strange island place where he waits for you.


The X Fighter Master will appear menacing with a frown, red eyes, and a dark purple aura with even darker purple on the outside of his aura. He will be wearing a dark blue shirt and a black jacket. He will be wearing white pants and a blue tied on belt.


When you approach the quest giver, he will give the player a quest to defeat his master (X Fighter Master). Once the player defeats them, he will reward 4,000 all stats and 1,500 Zeni to the player.


Energy attacks include:

  • Big Bang Attack
  • Super Kamehameha
  • Energy Volley
  • Supernova

Melee attacks include:

  • High Power Rush
  • Flash Kick
  • Vanish Strike


You do not approach the actual X Fighter Master to fight him. You go to the Top X Fighter, where he asks you for help.

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