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— Wukong Rose when player clicks to talk to him

Wukong Rose is the second of the last boss located on Bills Planet. His name, Wukong, referring to Goku’s original concept, Monkey King, is there to avoid copyright. His actual name is Goku Rose or, Goku SSJR3.

Concept & Creation[]

Super Saiyan Rose 3

This form is an uncanny form (uncanny means not apart of a story) when it comes to the Dragon Ball series. This form is driven from the game and fan anime, Dragon Ball Heroes as the masked Saiyan, Goku Black in Super Saiyan Rose 3 form.



Wukong Rose wears the Goku Black (DBH) uniform.

Hair & Face[]

His hair is the traditional, SSJ3 hair but in the       color. And his face is the [not yet implemented into the wiki].

Form & Aura[]

This boss uses the form, SSJR3 which is the third of the last form in the game. His aura has a variety of colors starting from       to       then      .


His skin is in color of,      .

Skills Used[]



  • Rose Kamehameha
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