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Vis (20%) is the 19th boss and the 4th boss on Bills Planet. His original name is Whis (20%) and now renamed to Vis because of copyright issues.

The name Vis is unknown in being related to Whis. But, the definition of this word in English, is force or power. The French definition of this word is screw. Again, irrelevant to Whis.


This boss is an official character from the Dragon Ball manga and anime. He is the mentor of the god of destruction, Beerus, who in the game is of course, Vills (50%). And the child of the Grand Minister, or, Grand Priest. He is naturally strong as being an Angel. Many people get confused on the concept of his gender. He is male.

Unlike most bosses, this boss does not use a ton of skills. And this is the only boss to not produce aura.


Vis (20%) has equipment not able to be attained in the game. Theseare his light blue glowing halo that points slightly downwards. And his angel staff.



This boss wears the Whis shirt and the Whis pants.



This boss uses the hair “Render Mesh”.



This boss uses the face “wis

Skills Used[]

  • Mach Kick - Whis uses Mach Kick in order to kick opponents and send them flying.
  • High Power Rush - Whis uses High Power Rush.

  • God Blast - Vis uses the powerful skill, God Blast. This is used by 60% of the bosses in Vill’s Planet.
  • Soul Punisher - This is a powerful skill. But Whis does not use this in the original series.
  • Energy Blast - A simple and weak energy beam.

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