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— Vekuta when player clicks to talk to him

SSJBUI Vekuta, is the last and the strongest boss in the game located at Bills Planet.

His original name is Gogeta or, Gogeta (SSJBUI). His current name is Vekuta which has no actual meaning. It is just a random name that Pengo gave this boss. But, it almost seems as if, this name was taken from the imperfect fusion counterpart of Gogeta, Veku. Veku is the obese or fat version of Gogeta who makes his appearance in DBZ: Fusion Reborn and DBS: Broly.

Concept & Creation[]


Gogeta using this form is uncanny, meaning it is not apart of the Dragon Ball manga and anime. But it is from the game and fan series, Dragon Ball Heroes. as Gogeta taps into his Super Saiyan Blue Evolution form to take down Heartz once and for all.

In the game, his hair seems to be a-lot darker than one shown in the photo. To my belief, this was supposed to resemble Super Saiyan Blue Evolution.

Forgot to mention, the form’s full name is Super Saiyan Blue Ultra Instinct. Yes, this form is a combination of Ultra Instinct and Super Saiyan Blue. More information about the form on its page.



Vekuta wears the Gogeta [+] (DBSB) shirt and the Gogeta [-] (DBSDB) pants. These clothes are not accessible through the game.

Hair & Face[]

Vekuta uses the Gogeta Hair that is in color of      . This hair is not accessible to any player in the game. And he has the Gogeta Blue Serious Face which is also not accessible.

Form & Aura[]

This boss uses the SSJBUI form. The aura of this form is listed on its page.


Vekuta’s skin is in color of      .

Skills Used[]