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"Finally, the form of the destroyer gods! Fight me I must test this power"
— Vegeta when player clicks to talk to him

Vegetable (GoD in-training) is the 16th boss in Dragon Blox Ultimate and the 1st boss that you interact with on Bills Planet.

His original name, Vegeta (GoD in-training) was renamed due to copyright. The meaning behind his name is actually a pun. Vegeta’s name is obviously taken from the word “Vegetable”. This also goes for the rest of his race, who have names that are directly taken from Vegetables.

Concept & Creation[]


This Vegeta was possibly taken from when Vegeta was training with Beerus in order to attain the powers of a god of destruction. Unlike the Granolah saga where Vegeta takes this power into his own, in the game Vegeta is now the new god of destruction considering the god of destruction uniform he wears.



Vegeta wears the [shirt and pants not found yet] uniform that is achievable in the game.


  • Destruction Orb
  • Destruction
  • Hyper Galick Gun
  • Final Flash
  • God Final Flash
  • God Blast


  • Mach Kick
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