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For Newbies Edit

This is Dragon Blox Ultimate! Where you can fight bosses, get rebirths, grow powerful, and have battles with other players! This game has over 30 usable forms and many moves to use. If you ever feel like expanding your experience, feel free to buy some of the game passes . Have fun!

Controls Edit

  • WASD - Move around
  • Double tap space - Fly (Also use this to land)
  • Shift (hold) - Aura boost
  • Space (hold) - Ascend
  • Ctrl (hold) - Descend
  • Click - Combat
  • E - Ki blast
  • T - Train defense
  • F - Lock on
  • G - Transform
  • R (hold) - Block
  • C (hold) - Charge

Game Mechanics Edit

  • Side Switch: Access this mechanic via Menu or Bardock. The cost of zeni to switch sides increases by 20,000 zen every time you do this.
  • Stats: This measures your power. Your stats can be viewed in the in-game "STATS" button. This will list your strength, speed, defense, and energy. You can gain stats by completing quests. E.g, You can gain a total of 700 stats every time you complete the X Fighter quest.
  • Quests: You can start quests by approaching an npc. There are a total of 22 quests. Most quests have a "Stat requirement", meaning you need a set minimum of stats to fight a boss. E.g, you need at least 2,000,000 all stats to fight SSJB Goku. If you start a quest, you will be teleported to a small battle arena where your opponent will be waiting for you. The enemy will only attack when you start attacking.
  • Form Mastery: You can master forms by sustaining the form for a long time. As you master a form, the more perks it will have. Every 5 levels of mastery will have a perk to it. You can check out more about Form Mastery in the Mastery page of this Wiki.
  • Forms: You can attain a form by meeting the stat requirement for the form. You will need enough Strength, Speed, and Energy for a form. E.g, You need 6000 Strength, Speed, and energy for the SSJ form. Some forms are locked until you meet the necessary rebirths for the form.
  • NPCs: NPCs are the bosses you fight in a quest. Most NPCs have their own unique skill set. E.g, Broly uses the Planet Crusher, Gigantic Omegastorm, Meteor Crash, and Flash kick. As you increase your stats, you may need to fight stronger NPCs. The stronger NPCs get, the more stats they will give you.
  • Rebirth: Rebirthing allows access to stronger forms and moves. E.g, you need 6 rebirths to gain access to the form "Mastered Ultra Instinct". Every rebirth increases your EXP gain by 20%, meaning you'll be gaining 1/5 more than you did one rebirth ago. This also means every 5 rebirths you earn, you will have gained an EXP multiplier. So if you have 5 rebirths, instead of getting 2600 stats from Raditz, you'll gain 5300 stats.
  • Skills: You can equip three different kinds of skills. Forms, Energy, and Melee skills. Forms are explained in one of the points above. Energy skills can be aquired through attaining enough energy stats. As you use stronger energy moves, the more range it will have. Some energy skills also require some rebirths. E.g, The God Final Flash needs at least 1 rebirth to be accessible. There are a total of 28 normal energy moves. You can use melee skills by attaining enough strength stats. Most melee moves can only be used when closer to the opponent. Although, the Flash Kick can be used from a distance to knock back your opponent and cause damage.
  • Fusion: Fusing can be a very useful skill. Using fusion allows two people to merge. Although only one person can control this fusion. To perform fusing, both people must equip the skill "Fusion." It will be listed in the Energy skill section near the bottom. Both players must click on each other with this equipped, next to each other, and then they will do the fusion dance. If one of the fusing partners is much weaker than the other, then a "Fusion Drawback" will occur, the controlling person will either not get the full stats of the other person, or the persons original stats will be de-buffed and made weaker. If two people are around the same strength and they fuse, they will get the full stats and a little more. To know the controlling person, the person to control the fusion must click on the other person LAST.

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