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Ultra Ego

Ultra Ego is the 24th form in Dragon Blox Ultimate. The form is actually the Gods Of Destruction’s power but manifested into Saiyan form. And the actual name for the form is just, God Of Destruction.

Ultra Ego is a name that Vegeta used to “rival” Ultra Instinct by changing the instinct part into ego because instead of a calm, dead silence state like Ultra Instinct, the form is all pride and cockiness, and uncertainly, you need to maintain in that state to continue using the form.

Concept & Creation[]


This form is a canon form that is only shown in the Dragon Ball Super manga. This is used when Vegeta trains with Beerus in order to achieve this power. Only later he achieves this form when he faces off Granolah, tapping into the form and “manifesting” it into a saiyan version.



The form gives the user the regular SSJ hair but in       color.


The form gives the user the [face not found yet] face.


The aura has a ton of colors. Starting form,       then,      , and      .

Mastery Info[]

Level Stat Boost Description
1 - 9 +50,000,000
10 - 14 230% Stat Scale Form Awakens
15 - 19 230% Stat Scale 0% Energy Drain
20 280% Stat Scale Form Mastered