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"Hey! We have no idea where our master went! We need someone to train us!"
——Turtle School Student to the player when approached

Turtle School Student, is a Mission NPC featured in Dragon Blox Ultimate.

He can be found on the Turtle House island, a small island with a tiny pink house with a red rooftop located on the right of the Cell Games Arena.

Appearance (needs more detail)[]

The Turtle School Student has the Turtle Hermit Gi and short spiky hair. They are also notably shorter than your character.


When approached, he will give the player a quest to fight 3 Turtle School Students, he will reward 2,400 all stats and 400 Zeni to the player. In order to spawn at Turtle School Student, the player will need 75,000-100,000 all stats and there are no stat requirements to fight him.

Moves Used[]



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