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"Our master is out of control! Please stop him!"
— The Top X Fighter to the player when approached

The Top X Fighter is a Mission NPC featured in Dragon Blox Ultimate.

He can be found on a large rocky tower in close proximity to the Evil Saiyans' area, but he cannot be fought by the player.


The Top X Fighter appears with short, spiky black hair, and facial features similar to Goku's. He sports a long orange Gi with Master Roshi's kanji, 亀 (pronounced kame and meaning "turtle"), a long-sleeved blue undershirt similar to Goten's, white-colored training pants, blue boots with red/orange laces and a blue belt similar to Goku's.

The Top X Fighter also bears a striking resemblance to the X Fighters, X Fighter Trainer, and X Fighter Master themselves.


When approached, he will give the player a quest to stop his master who is out of control, and once defeated, the Top X Fighter will reward 4,000 all stats and 1,500 Zeni to the player. In order to spawn at him, the player will need 450,000-750,000 all stats, and you need at least 112,000 all stats (excluding defense) in order to accept his mission and fight the X Fighter Master.