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The Lookout is a location featured in Dragon Blox Ultimate.

It is a enormous, round, temple situated above the clouds in the sky, and is the location of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. The Lookout is easily accessible and the only inhabitant is Kami, who can grant access to the Time Chamber.


Unlike the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, The Lookout is not in its own separate dimension from that of Earth, or within the contex of Dragon Blox Ultimate, a separate map. As such, it is easily accessible and can be visited at the player's leisure, usually being used as a spot to train hideout, train solo, or engage in PvP battles.

The Lookout also contains plant life, such as grass and a few trees.

Hyperbolic Time Chamber[]

Outside the Time Chamber DBU.PNG.png

The main feature of The Lookout is the Hyperbolic Time Chamber/Room of Spirit and Time. It can be used by any player, however, it requires Zeni in order to use, the amount of which increases the more the player enters the Room.

It is impossible to get out of it once inside and the player can only train inside for 20 minutes before automatically being booted off the server.