Unofficial Dragon Ball Ultimate Roblox Wiki

— Super Vegetable when player clicks to talk to him

Super Vegetable, or Super Vegeta, is the 9th boss in Dragon Blox Ultimate. His new name, Super Vegetable, is there because of copyright issues.

The meaning of the new name is actually quite accurate. Vegeta’s name and race are all named after vegetables.

Concept & Creation[]


This character and his form is canon meaning it is officially apart of the Dragon Ball series’ and not fan made.

This was taken from Dragon Ball Z as Vegeta transforms to what is actually the Super Saiyan Grade 2 form instead of the normal Super Saiyan. He then uses this to take down Semi Perfect Cell.




Super Vegetable wears the Capsule Corp Armour Top shirt with the Majin Vegeta pants.



Super Vegetable uses the hair “Render Mesh” which was surprisingly created by Pengo. This hair is in color of      .



This boss actually has a more than “1 face”. This is actually used through a variety of Roblox games in order to “shorten” the decals (decals are basically images on Roblox) are or overall make it simpler for the developer to have the same face but different specific expressions.

Vegetable uses the [1]Mouth 4”, “Male 5”, “Male 5 eyes”, and the “Male 5 brows” decal.


Flash Kick[]

Super Vegetable uses this skill to teleport to a player and kicking them.

Energy Volley[]

Super Vegetable uses this skill to release a barrage of energy blasts.

Final Flash[]

This is one of Super Vegetable’s energy beams.

Final Shine[]

This is one of Super Vegetable’s energy beams. It is stronger than his Final Flash.

Hyper Galick Gun[]

This is Super Vegetable’s strongest skill.


Super Vegetable uses this form.

Stats and Rewards[]

In order to fight Super Vegetable, the player needs 187,500 in all stats. In order to spawn at Super Vegetable, the player needs 700,000 in all stats. Super Vegetable gives the player 6,500 stats and 1,500 Zeni when defeated. Stats will vary based on rebirths and stat-multiplying events.