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Super Vegeta, spelt Super Vegetable due to trademark (or Vegeta, in general) is an NPC that can be found on a rocky tower in the rocky areas. He gives a quest to fight him and rewards you 6,500 all stats and 1,500 Zeni once defeated. In order to spawn at him, you need 750,000-1,150,000 all stats. To fight him, you need at least 187,500 all stats.


Super Vegeta stands cross-armed in his battle uniform. He will be in the Super Saiyan form with a bright yellow glow.


When approached, he will give the player a quest to fight him. Once you defeat him, he will reward the player with 6500 points in all stats and 1500 Zeni. In order to spawn at Super Vegeta, the player has to have 750,000 - 1,150,000 in all stats. To fight him, the player needs at least 187,500 points in all stats.

Moves Used[]


  • Final Shine
  • Energy Volley
  • Final Flash
  • Hyper Galick Gun


  • Flash Kick