Unofficial Dragon Ball Ultimate Roblox Wiki

Menu Settings in the game[]


  • Quest Guide - Turning this on will will show a golden yellow beam pointing to the recommended quest. Sometimes its good not to let it guide you
  • Music - Turning this on, will start playing music
  • Side Switch - You can switch to Evil/Good side for 20,000 Zeni, when changing side cost for another side switch will increase. Its the same as Appearance Changer
  • Shop - is for shopping
  • Rebirth - if you meet the requirements you can rebirth. Rebirthing will reset all your stats and will give you a 20% boost (this can be done infinitely). Rebirthing will not reset form mastery. For every rebirth the stats requirements will be scaled by 3,000,000.
  • Mastery - Here you can check the mastery level of your forms (idk about the ones for Robux)
  • Fast Mode/Slow Mode - Fast mode will lower your graphics and increases fps. Slow mode is the opposite