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SSJ Rage
Atlas Zero

SSJ Rage, or Super Saiyan Rage is the 13th form in Dragon Blox Ultimate. The name, except the “rage”, is written in acronym to avoid copyright.

Concept & Creation[]


This form was diverted from Dragon Ball super as Trunks reveals his Super Saiyan Rage form in order to finally take down Black Goku.

This form is also a canon form meaning it is officially apart of the Dragon Ball series’ and it is not fan made.


Hair & Face[]

The hair is changed the to traditional SSJ hair and with the same color as the form. This color is      . The color of the eyebrow is also the same color as the hair only leaving the iris’ which is again, the same color as the SSJ form      .


The aura is changed into colors of      ,      , and      .

Mastery Info[]

Level Stat Boost Description
1 - 9 +400,000
10 - 14 60% Stat Scale Form Awakens
15 - 19 60% Stat Scale 0% Energy Drain
20 75% Stat Scale Form Mastered