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"I am the ultimate fusion, Vegito! I need a warm-up! Do you have what it takes?"
— Vegito to the player when approached

SSJG Vegito, spelt SSJG Kakata due to trademark is an NPC featured in Dragon Blox Ultimate.



Vegito is in SSJG form. He has his arms crossed with a smirk on his face. His attire consists of a blue shirt with orange sleeves, white bands around his wrist. He wears blue pants with white shoes that have yellow on the toes of the shoes. He has yellow potarra earrings on each ear.


Moves Used[]


  • Final Kamehameha
  • God Final Flash
  • Energy Blast
  • Big Bang Attack


  • Heavy Meteor Crash
  • Mach Kick
  • Flash Kick


  • Despite being in a form, SSJG Vegito doesn't have a red aura around him
    • This is similar to how Goku and Gohan were in SSJ as their main form in the Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z.
    • However, while fighting Vegito, a red aura can be seen around him.