Unofficial Dragon Ball Ultimate Roblox Wiki

SSJBUI or, Super Saiyan Blue Ultra Instinct is the 25th form in Dragon Blox Ultimate. The form’s name is written in acronym to avoid copyright.

Concept & Creation[]


This form was taken from the fan manga and game Dragon Ball Heroes as it is non-canon meaning it is not apart of the Dragon Ball series.

Evidence shows that this was when Gogeta seemed to have tapped into the Ultra Instinct state while also being in the Super Saiyan Blue form. This then created yellow flaming aura with blue floating dots.


Hair & Face[]

The form changes the user’s hair to the regular SSJ hair but in       color. The eyebrows and iris’ of the face are the same color.


SSJBUI has a variety of colors, one being,       another being       and      ,      ,      , finally      .

Mastery Info[]

Level Stat Boost Description
1 - 9 +50,000,000
10 - 14 230% Stat Scale Form Awakens
15 - 19 230% Stat Scale 0% Energy Drain
20 280% Stat Scale Form Mastered