Unofficial Dragon Ball Ultimate Roblox Wiki

These are the rules for the wiki. If you catch a vandalized or a page that is “destroyed” typically, spammed with walls of text, or overall just childish page destruction, please click the history button and restore how to page originally was.

On this wiki, there are a lot of users like that.

Since this wiki is not active much, we tend to keep our rules short.

Page Style

  • Please read the Manual Of Style page to get information about how pages are professionally created around here. It is okay if you are not on that level yet, we can help you by editing and improving the page you edited to make it look better.

Rules For Pages / Articles

  • Do not destroy or vandalize pages. If done another time, it will result in a block leaving you unable to create and edit pages, discuss, etc.
  • Do not create pages of your ideas, player, or fan work. Example, do not create a page of your Dragon Blox Ultimate player or a skill, system, or whatever that should be added in the game. Only known players are to be created as a page.
  • Do not advertise on pages.

Rules For Chatting

  • Avoid spamming or continuously posting the same message.
  • Try to avoid insulting other users. And use appropriate language. We want this wiki to be a little family-friendly you know. Because then, people will feel comfortable with being here and posting.