Unofficial Dragon Ball Ultimate Roblox Wiki

Rebirth is a useful and one of the major game mechanics in Dragon Blox Ultimate.

This system allows the player to gain 20% more EXP every rebirth. As the exp increases, the more stats you are given from bosses and quests. Like all simulator games like this one, the player must sacrifice their current stats in order to gain another rebirth.

In simple words, let’s say you’re training at Brocolli and you only gain 50,000 stats. Once you rebirth, you now get 60,000. By the way, every time you rebirth, your rebirth requirement goes up by 3,000,000.

How To Rebirth[]

Menu button

To rebirth, you must click on the menu button on the top right of your screen if you are on a mobile device. If you are on a computer, it is located on the down left of your screen.

After that, the rebirth button will be there on the right side of the menu in yellow. After clicking it, you will see how much stats you need to rebirth, with the rebirth button, and additional info. Clicking the rebirth button will reset all your stats back to 0 but in exchange, you gain 1 rebirth.

Tips & Tricks[]

Knowing Your EXP / Boost From Rebirth[]

To find what your current EXP is, you will have to multiply 20 (which is the default EXP) by your rebirths.

Knowing Your Boss / Quest Stat Gain[]

To see how many stats are given by a boss or quest, you must first take your EXP amount (tutorial is above) and percentage it by the amount of stats given by a boss.

Example, if you have 2 rebirths and multiply that by 20 (the default EXP) you will get 40. After that, you will now have to do 100 + 40 (only do this if your rebirths are below 5). Now, the result you get is 140. In google, or a calculator, anywhere, do 140% of 50,000 (the stats Brocolli gives). What you will get is 70,000. This is now the stats you get from Broccoli.


Rebirth Stats Required EXP
0 2,000,000 +0%
1 5,000,000 +20%
2 8,000,000 +40%
3 11,000,000 +60%
4 14,000,000 +80%
5 17,000,000 +100%
10 32,000,000 +200%
100 302,000,000 +2,000%
1,000 3,002,000,000 +20,000%


Rebirth Stats Required EXP Stats Given From Brocoli
20,000 60,002,000,000 400,000% 20,000,000
100,000 300,002,000,000 2,000,000% 100,000,000
1,000,000 3,000,002,000,000 20,000,000% 1,000,000,000