Combat NPCs Edit

Combat NPCs in order
NPC Location
X-Fighters Where you first spawn on your adventure
Krillin In the city, where Bulma is
Kid Gohan In the forest, in front of the X fighters
Turtle School Student Close to Kame House
Raditz To the right side of Kid Gohan, on a Mountain
Nappa Near the road leading to the city
Evil Saiyans Next to the road, just at the start of the city (Citizen gives the quest)
Top X-Fighter On a rocky tower near the city
X-Fighter Master Can be found after the player accepts the Top X-Fighter's quest
Super Vegeta Near the tunnel on a rocky tower
Kaio Students Near the road leading to the city
Frieza In the ice area, you should find him if you look around
Cell (Perfect Form) Near the X fighters, he is on his arena which he created in the Cell Games Saga of DBZ
SSJ2 Goku Small mountains near the ice area
Kaioken Master Located in the rocky area right outside the city with the appearance changer
SSJB Goku In the ice area, much more to the left
Broly In the ice area, much more to the right of Frieza
SSJG Vegito Near Super Vegeta on a rocky tower
Vegeta (God of Destruction in training) In Beerus's planet, on a rocky tower
Goku (Ultra Instinct Omen) In Beerus's planet, near Whis
Beerus (50% Power) In Beerus's planet, near Kibito Kai
Whis (20%Power) In Beerus's planet, beside Kibito Kai

Misc. NPCs Edit

Misc NPCs




Appearance Changer He changes your looks (Ki color, clothing,ect.) For 10,000 Zeni In the second city, You should go north of West city.
Bardock Changes side In the same city as the Appearance Changer, he should have a beacon just like the Appearance Changer.
Kibito Kai Teleports back to Earth on Beerus's planet, next to whis(20%)

Training NPCs Edit

Training NPCS:





Bulma 3,000 Teleports you to gravity room Capsule Corp in West City.
Kami 6,000 Teleports you to Hyperbolic Time Chamber Kami's lookout, in the sky.
Whis 15,000 Teleports you to Bills Planet Near Bulma in West City

Map of Dragon Blox Ultimate Edit


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