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Mastered Ultra Instinct, or MUI, is the complete form of Ultra Instinct Omen and an unlockable form in Dragon Blox Ultimate. It requires 14,000,000 in Speed, Strength, and Energy and six rebirths to unlock. It gives a stat boost of 10,000,000 to all stats with a mastery boost of 150%.


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Mastered Ultra Instinct has an appearance similar to Ultra Instinct Omen, except now the hair becomes white and adds an aura similar in appearance to a galaxy, also white-ish in color, but now with a hint of blue-ish purple.


  • Mastered Ultra Instinct is one of the six forms with a chance to dodge ki blasts, parts of Energy Volley, and melee attacks. The other five are Ultra Instinct Omen, Jiren Ultra Instinct, God of Creation, God of Destruction, True God of Creation, and True God of Destruction.