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LBSSJ4 or, Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4, is the 34th form and the 85th skill Dragon Blox Ultimate. Uncertainly, the form is written Limit Breaker Super Saiyan 4 in short to avoid copyright.

Concept & Creation

LBSSJ4 is an uncanny form (uncanny means not apart of a story) when it comes to the Dragon Ball manga and anime. The form was introduced in the late 2018’s of the fan manga and anime, Dragon Ball Heroes. When Goku and Vegeta break their limits attaining the new Limit Breaker SSJ4 form defeat Black Janemba once and for all.



This form uses the the same shirt and hair styles as SSJ4.


When the user transforms into this form, their hair is changed into either the Goku SSJ4 hair or the Vegeta SSJ4 hair depending on their hair style. The hair is also changed into a       color.


This form uses the GT Goku Top [SSJ4] shirt.


The aura form this form is in color of      ,      ,      ,      , and      .

Facial Changes

The eyebrows for the user’s face is changed into      , while the iris’ is changed to a color of      .

Mastery Info

Level Stat Boost Description
1 - 9 +50,000,000
10 - 14 220% Stat Scale Form Awakens
15 - 19 220% Stat Scale 0% Energy Drain
20 270% Stat Scale Form Mastered
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