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"As always stay positive and Kiwk"
— Kwik on this video’s description

Kris Kwik, or (Roblox name here), is a known and former Dragon Blox Ultimate player. He has recently quit after reacting to FuzionTimmy’s latest video.



Kris Kwik made his first video on Dragon Blox Ultimate in February 7, 2020. This video was about him showcasing Dragon Blox Ultimate as it being better than Dragon Ball Rage. At that time, Dragon Ball Rage was one of the most popular and most played Dragon Ball games on Roblox.

From there on out, he started to get an addiction driving him to grind and grind everyday for rebirths.

After reacting to FuzionTimmy’s new video, he decides on quitting Dragon Blox Ultimate for its lack of updates and for how he grinds everyday just for numbers.



Kris Kwik wears the Goku drip outfit that is accessible to all players. In Roblox, it’s the Supreme Drip Goku (meme) shirt with the pants which seem to be, Supreme / Drip Goku Pants.

Hair & Face[]

Kris Kwik uses the (will come soon) hair that is in color of       and the (will come soon) face that is also in       but with       iris’s.

Form & Aura[]

Kris Kwik uses all the forms in the good side and some of the forms in the evil side.


These are the known skills he uses

  • Fusion - One of his most used skills
  • Rose Kamehameha - He switched to the evil side to showcase this skill on his video.
  • Ultimate Spirit Bomb - He uses this skill to take down strong bosses.
  • Energy Volley - This is his most used skill.
  • Destruction Orb - He used to have this skill.

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