Unofficial Dragon Ball Ultimate Roblox Wiki

Kaioken is the 1st form in Dragon Blox Ultimate. Unlike many other forms, this one’s name is not effected by copyright meaning, it’s name is not in acronym.

Whatever mastery level you achieve with this form, the stat boost will never go up. So keep that in mind.

Concept & Creation[]


The form is taken from Dragon Ball Z where Goku is the main user for this technique.

Except for this game, it does not allow you to upgrade the form to new heights meaning, you are not able to achieve Kaioken x3, etc. You stick with this form until you achieve the next transformation, SSJ.


The form only changes the user’s aura and nothing else.


The aura of this form is in color of,      .

Mastery Info[]

Level Stat Boost Description
1 +1,500
15 +1,500 0% Energy Drain