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Kaio Student is an NPC that can be found on the other side of the road leading to the city, behind Nappa. He gives a quest to train the other students and rewards you 9,500 all stats and 2,000 Zeni once you defeat 3 Kaio Students. To spawn at the Kaio Student, you need 1,150,000-2,200,000 all stats and to fight them, you need at least 275,000 in all stats.


The Kaio students wear the typical Kaio Gi with light-blue undershirts. They don pants the same color, with a red ribbon tied around their left knees. They also wear red shoes. On their left cheeks, there is an "X" scar, formed while fighting. They have a serious purple-blue colored face with spiked white hair.

Moves Used[]




  • Although the Kaio Students' faces are purple-blue, their hands have human color.