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The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a location featured in Dragon Blox Ultimate.

It is located in the sky on The Lookout, and can only be accessed by speaking to Kami, who will allow the player inside for Zeni. The amount of Zeni increases the more the player enters Time Chamber, which can only be entered for 20 minutes per day.


The white emptiness inside the map

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a separate dimension from that of Earth, or within the contex of Dragon Blox Ultimate, a separate map.

There is no night or day in the Room and the its boundaries seemingly stretch to infinity in all directions. However, in actuality, the player will eventually fall into the game's death zone and die should they wander too far out. The Hyperbolic Time Chamber has an entrance at its "center," located in a central building with two small side wings and dual giant hourglasses of emerald sand adorning the sides of the building.

The Chamber can only be entered for only twenty minutes at a time; any attempts the player may have to stay will be futile as they will be automatically kicked out of the server after the twenty minutes are up. 24 hours must pass in order for someone to re-enter the Room.