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Welcome to the Unofficial Dragon Blox Ultimate Wiki
Hello, again, to the Dragon Ball Ultimate or, Dragon Blox Ultimate wiki, this is unofficial meaning it’s not created by the creator of the game, Pengo. The game is based on Akira Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga and anime specifically speaking of, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super. And not the mention the fan series and game, Dragon Ball Heroes.

The game’s objective is to train and become the strongest in stats by either clicking one of the main buttons, punch, energy blast, defense, and aura. Those buttons will get a specific stat up by an amount depending on your rebirths. You can also get stronger by doing and completing quests. Quests or bosses, after completing them, will give you a high amount of stats. And by that I mean in strength, speed, defense, and energy. All those stats will go up at the same time when completing a quest. You will also gain zeni which is an in-game currency system which gives you the ability to buy things from NPC’s and other.

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Updates & Events

GreenA.png UPDATE 2022

+ Ultra Ego
+ More Clothing

[🔥 2X] 2X Event

2X event is not here today. Check back Saturday or Sunday?