Unofficial Dragon Ball Ultimate Roblox Wiki

God Slicer is the 16th melee skill in Dragon Blox Ultimate and the 16th skill in order.



The God Slicer skill is taken after the game, Dragon Ball: FighterZ. As Goku Black being the welder of it.

Canonically, the skill is named, Violent Fierce God Slicer. In Dragon Ball Super, Zamasu and Goku Black use this technique to battle against Goku and Vegeta.


This skill has similar colors to that of SSJ Rose. Its main color is      . Then its following colors are      ,      , and      .

Usage & Power[]

God Slicer, unlike most melee skills, is able to be used on from a medium range. Especially since this is a combo type melee skill.


This skill does a ton of damage to your opponent. The exact damage of this skill is unknown but it increases as your strength stat does.

Energy Decrease[]

This skill takes away 8,017 energy from you. 17 more than Spirit Barrage.