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God Of Destruction

God of Destruction is the 20th form in Dragon Blox Ultimate. Unlike many other forms in the game, this form still has its “original name”. Meaning it’s name is not effected by copyright.

Concept & Creation[]


This form is the power used by the gods of destruction in the Dragon Ball Super manga and anime.

But to be precise, the form is technically called fury in the series. This transformation emits a dark purple aura around the god of destruction. This was used by Beerus when he was fighting Super Saiyan God Goku. And was also used by the other gods of destruction when they were all battling each other.


Everything else stays the same except for the aura which is detailed below.


The aura for this form is in color of       and      

Mastery Info[]

Level Stat Boost Description
1 - 9 +20,000,000
10 - 14 180% Stat Scale Form Awakens
15 - 19 180% Stat Scale 0% Energy Drain
20 210% Stat Scale Form Mastered