Guide Edit

Fusion is a technique that can be purchased at rebirth 3 and having the strength, speed, and energy stat requirements met. The required stats for said stats is 1,000,000. Once the technique is acquired, the player may fuse with any other player they choose that has fusion as well. Note: The second player who initiates the fusion gains control over the newly formed fused body.

  1. Two players stand/fly within close proximity of each other
  2. Both players select fusion from their hot bar and click (if standing, fusion being activated will be indicated by slight levitation)
  3. Once both players have initiated the fusion process, the fusion dance animation will commence

There is currently no method of switching control between players over the fused body. The only ways to unfuse is by leaving the game or having the player in control reset.

Power Boost Edit

The power boost from fusion is a tricky concept, but the basis is, the closer two players are to each other in stats, the greater the boost will be. The maximum power a fusion can gain is if two players have identical stats, it will then add them together and the fusion will have their base power, plus the double stats gained from fusion for a 3x multiplier in power. Should a completely overpowered player and a super underpowered player fuse, it will take somewhere around the ballpark of 75% the stronger person's stats, regardless of who is in control, so in reality, if the stronger person is in control, the fusion will make them weaker. When fused, only the player in control will gain stats, while the other person won't be able to.

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