Unofficial Dragon Ball Ultimate Roblox Wiki

FSSJ, short for False Super Saiyan, is a form in Dragon Blox Ultimate. It is the second form that can be unlocked in the game.


The player gets their hair spiked up, whilst not changing the color of neither hair nor eyes. There is also a yellow SSJ aura around the player.


In order to obtain the FSSJ transformation, the player needs 2,500 in Speed, Strength, and Energy. FSSJ does not require any rebirths.

Mastery Info[]

If the player's mastery of the FSSJ is lower than level 10, it boosts the player's power by 2,500, no matter their stats. When the player's mastery reaches level 10, the FSSJ gives a 12% stat boost, and the FSSJ gives a 17% stat boost once the player's mastery reaches level 20. Like all forms, FSSJ has a 50% energy drain at level 5 and 0 energy drain at level 15.