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"I heard some evil saiyans landed near the city!"
— ——Citizen to the player when approached

Citizen is a Mission NPC featured in Dragon Blox Ulitmate.

He can be found near the beginning of the city, in front of a semi-sphere house with 2 smaller semi-sphere rooms on each side.


The citizen has short, spiky, black hair, and has a smile on his face. He wears a white undershirt with a black vest-like jacket and black, fingerless gloves on both his hands. He wears a pair of black pants and a black belt with a yellow buckle. He has a pair of black shoes with yellow soles and yellow shins.


When approached, he will give the player a quest to fight 5 Evil Saiyans, after which he will reward 3,500 into all stat sections as well as 1,000 Zeni. To spawn at the Evil Saiyans, you need 300,000-450,000 in all stats and to fight them, you need a minimum of 75,000 all stats (excluding defense).


"I heard some evil saiyans landed near the city! They must be in the canyons behind me! Stop them from taking over Earth!"

"Yes": "Good luck!"

"No": ":("