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The Super Broly form.

Transformations are stat boosters mainly used for fighting. There is this system called mastery. This system is simple. You have to stay in your form for long periods of time depending on which level you want to achieve for your form. Increasing the level of your form increases the boost which makes you and the form stronger. More information on mastery here.


  1. Kaioken
  2. FSSJ
  3. SSJ
  4. SSJ Kaioken
  5. SSJ2
  6. SSJ Majin
  7. Spirit SSJ
  8. SSJ3
  9. LSSJ
  10. Mystic
  11. SSJ4
  12. SSJG
  13. SSJ Rage
  14. Corrupt SSJ
  15. SSJB
  16. SSJ Rose

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