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Forms, or transformations (form for short) is a type of skill in Dragon Blox Ultimate. This skill is used to boost a user’s stats temporarily increasing their power. Specifically speaking of their strength, speed, defense, and energy.

This boost also can be increased by mastery. Mastery is a game mechanism that allows players to increase the boost of their form by spending long periods of time in their form gaining levels. More information on mastery on its page.

There are currently 34 forms in the game.

Stat Scaling[]

For stat boosting, forms will use a thing called “stat scaling”. Stat scaling to this day is still hard to understand but what it does is basically take the percentage of your stats and display it next to them in parentheses and with a plus sign also.

In simple words if your stats were 150 million in all and your form gives you a stat scale of 40% the number in parentheses next to your stats are shown to be 60 million.

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