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Bills Planet, or Vills Planet which is what Vis names it, is the second planet featured in Dragon Blox Ultimate. Compared to Earth, the planet consists of bosses that are extremely powerful limiting your choice of skipping any for most players.

Requirements & Guide[]

There are no requirements in cases of stats. Meaning no matter the stats you can go to Bills Planet. But you must have 15,000 Zeni. You can then use this Zeni by going to Vis who is located at the East City.

Like Vis also warned, there are many strong players and powerful bosses in this planet. If you are below stats of 50,000,000 you will not be able to fight any bosses. Your only options are to observe or talk to friends.

Bosses On The Planet[]

Boss Image Boss Name Recommended Stats Stats Required To Spawn
Vegeta god.PNG

Vegetable (GoD in-training)[]

Main Article: Vegetable (GoD in-training)

50,000,000 (Strength)

50,000,000 (Speed)

50,000,000 (Energy)

200,000,000 (Strength)

200,000,000 (Speed)

200,000,000 (Energy)

Goku ui.PNG

Wukong (Omen)[]

Main Article: Wukong (Omen)

100,000,000 (Strength)

100,000,000 (Speed)

100,000,000 (Energy)

300,000,000 (Strength)

300,000,000 (Speed

300,000,000 (Energy)


Vills (50%)[]

Main Article: Vills (50%)

150,000,000 (Strength)

150,000,000 (Speed)

150,000,000 (Energy)

800,000,000 (Strength)

800,000,000 (Speed)

800,000,000 (Energy)