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The 2X Event is an event that appears on every weekend or earlier in the day before Saturday and Sunday.


The 2X event doubles or multiplies your EXP by 2. Allowing you to gain 2x more stats as your regularly do from training or bosses and quests.


3X Event[]

The 3X event does the same thing as the 2X event. Except, this rarely occurs. Though, there are variety of ways on how this event appears on the game. These are when it is Christmas globally, a new update on the game, or when it is Saiyan Day. However there is a time in when none of these times occurred and the 3X event appeared on the game. This was when Roblox had a shut down on October 28, 2021. The shut down lasted for 3 days and players were now unable to play. And when Roblox was finally back up, Pengo added the 3X event into the game to make up for the weekends that were missed by the Roblox shutdown.

Other Events (Like 4X Event & 5X Event)[]

No other event that multiplied your EXP rate higher than 3 was ever put into the game. But this is certainly achievable (except for multipliers more than 5x). Players can increase their EXP rate by buying the 2X gamepass on 2X events. The 2X gamepass allows the player to experience a doubled EXP rate just like the regular 2X event but it is temporary meaning it has limited time. When you buy the 2X gamepass on a 2X event, your EXP is now multiplied by 3X. But if you get lucky and buy the gamepass on a 3X event, you new multiplied will be 4x which takes your training to amazing speeds (unless your rebirths are extremely low). Other methods like having all the talent gamepasses while the 2X event is on WITH the 2X gamepass in addition will increase your EXP rate by 4 times, Although this is not proven, it is sure to be true.

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